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Our unique curriculum covers all areas of the EYFS framework but is written in a way that makes it unique to our nursery and to the community around us.  Through the delivery of our curriculum in a carefully planned learning environment we ensure that every child finds their love of learning. 

Children that attend our nursery are able to take part in every exciting experience and enrichment opportunity that we have to offer.

We are particularly proud of the physical opportunities we provide to the children throughout the day within our purpose built hall space.

These include weekly specialist sessions in dance, music and movement, athletics, team games, yoga and gymnastics. 

The Pinwheel Pathway - Our Unique Curriculum

Perfect Place

A feeling of belonging in our nursery community, feeling welcome and being welcoming to others. Learning how we should behave towards others and how they should behave towards us.  Building and maintaining positive relationships. Working together to make our nursery community a positive and inclusive place to play, learn and grow together.


Happy hearts

Looking after our minds and our bodies.  Learning about the importance of exercise and healthy food and about how to take care of our bodies inside and out.  Understanding feelings and being able to talk about them and any associated triggers.  Developing ways to self-regulate and places/ objects that help us to feel calm and happy.  Understand when a friend needs help to regulate and when they should be given time to calm themselves.  Finding out what we enjoy doing and how it makes us feel.  Giving the children confidence to express themselves through art, dance, roleplay, conversation and through the relationship with their key workers.


Chatter champs

Developing confident communicators through the development of early listening skills and continuously modelled quality conversations.  Constantly introducing children to new vocabulary alongside an expectation of them to use it and to understand its worth – if you say it we can show it/ do it/ understand it.   By developing strong speaking and listening skills the children will see that what they say is valued and has meaning. This will be supported by text and speaking toys/ language buttons used around the nursery.


Phonics fun

Our regular fun phonics sessions will give the children the skills they need to start decoding text and to be able to create writing of their own.  From the earliest reading through pictures and the earliest writing through mark making, we will teach the children that they can do it and that what they do has value to themselves and to others.   In phase 1 phonics fun we use games to ensure that children are able to hear and make the sounds correctly and can hear patterns in words and sentences. In phase 2 we move on to recognising and being able to form the sounds they hear or say.  This runs alongside our core strength and fine motor activities to ensure their hands are ready to hold writing tools.

Our phonics fun sessions also incorporate book sharing sessions where we encourage a love of books for the information we can learn from them and for the adventures they can take us on.  Through choosing a fiction book of the week the children will be able to develop a strong understanding of the characters and their place within the story.  The children will also use non-fiction books and text within the nursery environment to deepen their knowledge of the weekly topic.


Mini Maths

Delivered in a similar way to our fun phonics sessions, we teach children the early mathematical concepts through regular exciting sessions using music, movement and practical props to develop a love of numbers and the number system.  Mini maths covers all numbers up to 20 (and beyond) on their own and as part of a numberline and hundred square.  It also covers flat and solid shapes, time, patterns, STEM construction, colours and problem solving all at an age-appropriate level.


World of Wonders

We want children to understand that they are part of a big beautiful world community and to know that they are an important and valued part of that world.  We want children to see that the choices they make can make a difference to their own lives and to the lives of other people.  We want them to feel proud of who they are and where they come from and to be equally proud of everyone in the nursery community.  We will explore the world and the people and animals that live in the world.  We will explore what we can do to make the world a better place for people and for animals and we will talk about what we might see if we visit other countries such as India, China or Africa. We will also talk about what people would like to see or do in Worcester.  We will encourage respect for everyone and everything.

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